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Werks Racing Team Line B5-Pro .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine (Turbo Plug) WRXTL21B5PRO


This is the Werks Racing Team Line B5-Pro .21 Off-Road Competition Buggy Engine. Improving on what have become two of the best selling engines available is definitely a daunting task, and many said it could not be done. But the masterminds behind Werks Racing have stepped up to the plate and knocked one out of the park with an engine that will satisfy the needs of even the most critical nitro enthusiast!

The B5-Pro retains the aggressive bottom end and strong mid/top performance characteristics of the B5, but has been further refined with the Werks Racing Team Line "Pro" model features. By combining a "Swiss" ceramic rear bearing, with a lightened and epoxy ramped crankshaft, the B5-Pro will spool up even faster providing increased acceleration and improved fuel economy compared to the standard version. The black anodized crankcase was chosen not only because it looks sharp, but more importantly because it provides improved heat dissipation. This crankcase is combined with a billet CNC machined rear back plate that is lighter than the previous back plate, and helps to create a more rigid case assembly. An improved nylon material has been chosen for the heat insulation sleeve, that improves consistency and reduces the possibility of carburetor heat saturation. Finally, everything is topped off with a redesigned, large diameter cooling head that improves heat dissipation, as well as lowers the overall CG of the engine by reducing weight by 5% over the standard cooling head, and an amazing 10% over the 2010 head design!

When these features are combined with the standard B5, it makes one of the best performing buggy engines on the market even better! Stump pulling power, great run time, with Werks reliability and incredible customer support. Can you handle the power of the Pro? Get Werks, or get worked!
The tuned pipes recommended for this engine are the Werks 2013 for strong top and bottom power delivery, 2058 for top end power, or 2057 for smooth power with improved mileage.
Pro Features:
Lightened & Epoxy Ramped Crankshaft
Lightweight, Low CG Cooling Head
"Swiss" Ceramic Rear Bearing
Black Crankcase
CNC Machined Back Plate
Improved Carburetor Insulator Sleeve
Stroke: 16.50mm
Bore: 16.30mm
RPM Range: 3,000 to 41,000
Output: 2.6hp at 33,000 rpm
Sleeve: Five Port, Chrome Plated Brass
Piston: CNC Machined High-Silicon Aluminum Alloy
Connecting Rod: Double bushed made with special 7075 T6 aluminum alloy
Carburetor: Aluminum 2010, 2 needle with adjustable venturi and updated heat isolation sleeve
Cooling Head: Lightweight, CNC Machined, Low CG "PRO" Cooling Head

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