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Venom King of Shaves C1 Gas Racing Boat


Venom King of Shaves C1 Gas Racing Boat at a glance:

Now with 2.4GHz radio, tuned pipe, and larger fuel tank
2+ HP water cooled, 26cc marine engine
35+ mph out of the box, upgradeable to 50+ mph
Hand-laid fiberglass hull
58"" long with gorgeous scale details and race decals
The 58"""" Venom King of Shaves C1 Gas Racing Boat is fast and furious on the water! This gorgeous Class 1 racing boat is modeled after the full scale King of Shaves racing boat that competed in the 2006-2007 professional racing series. The 2+ HP water cooled, pull start 26cc marine engine powers the Kings of Shaves gas boat to an impressive out-of-box speed of 35+ mph! Venom made several improvements to the King of Shaves gas boat in 2011 including adding a 2.4GHz radio, a tuned pipe, and larger fuel tank. The tank now holds 27oz and the run time is approximately 30 minutes, so you won't lack for either speed or run time with this masterfully crafted boat. The speed can be increased to over 50 mph with an upgraded 4.5 HP engine.

As you should expect in a boat of this caliber, the catamaran hull is made from hand-laid fiberglass for durability. Enjoy beautiful scale details including hatch side mirrors, a molded air scoop with screen mesh, and exhaust stacks. A padded wooden display stand is also provided so you can display your boat when you aren't on the water.

Excellent craftsmanship goes beyond aesthetics, of course. The King of Shaves C1 Gas Racing Boat now comes with a tuned pipe and a new carburetor designed to improve its performance on the water. The boat also comes with a prebalanced aluminum propeller - there is no plastic prop for this racer! The position and angle of the prop are both adjustable. In addition, the radio box for this Venom King of Shaves gas boat is made from sealed acrylic to keep the electronics safe and dry. Venom has also improved this gas model by adding a Venom VR3S 3-channel programmable 2.4GHz radio. This radio lets you adjust trims, end points, dual rates, and do servo reversing.

The overall length of the King of Shaves C1 gas boat is 58"", the beam measures 15"", and the height is 9"". The sound level is rated to 84 db.

This gas boat requires 87 octane gasoline and high performance two-stroke engine oil to run. It also needs a dozen ""AA"" batteries - eight for the transmitter and four in the receiver box (not included).

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