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Thunder Tiger Titan X50F Flybarless w/Eng/Carbon Fiber Blades TTR4857-K11


This is the Thunder Tiger Titan X50F 50 Class 3D Flybarless Nitro Helicopter Kit with Redline 53H Engine, Carbon Fiber Main Blades, and Hi-Flow Muffler

120 degree eCCPM Electronic Cyclic Collective Control System (140 degree option)
Carbon main frame, slim profile design 1.2" (30mm) wide, spacious three deck tray for electronic devices
Flybarless rotor head design for less drag, more power and faster response time
Enlarged titanium rod turnbuckles for rigidity and extreme pitch response
Thunder Tiger RL-53H engine with glow plug, 2 needle carb, lightened hypereutectic machined Al-Si ringed type piston and Hi-Flow muffler
Carbon fiber 600mm main blades
Lightweight and rigid one-piece main rotor hub
Assembled 3-piece metal main rotor grip for easy maintenance
Aluminum tail boom
Preprinted fiberglass canopy
Hardened main shaft, 0.39" (10mm) diameter
Lightweight and vented main and tail gear design
Hardened feathering shaft, 0.27" (7mm) diameter
Torque tube tail drive
Shrouded fan for efficient heat dissipation
Lightweight paddles, 1.06oz (20g) for high-performance 3D
Carbon base plate and fin
16oz (480cc) Fuel tank

The Thunder Tiger Titan X50F is the ultimate machine for pilots who are seeking a high adrenaline, no holds barred, all-out 3D experience. The all new under-slung main rotor set features an internal flapping stiffness control system that provides the sharp and fast collective and cyclic response that competition pilots’ demand.

The Titan X50F can be set up to suit any flying style: from aggressive to edgy, to ultra docile. Its silky smooth stability will boost confidence levels in beginners and intermediates to quickly hone new maneuvers. Using the best combination of precision injection molding, aerospace carbon graphite, and machined aluminum to produce a rigid and light structure that’s capable of taking on the most abusive 3D move you can dish out. The Thunder Tiger Titan X50F Nitro Helicopter Kit is fast to build, and easy to repair.

Maximum performance, ultra smooth handling, ruggedness, and great value make the Titan X50B the ultimate 50-class machine that you have been waiting for.

One Thunder Tiger X50F 50 Class 3D Flybarless Nitro Helicopter Kit with Fuel Tank, Header Tank. Redline 53H Engine, Hi-Flow Muffler, Main Blades, Foam Blade
Holder, Decals and Instruction Manual

Radio: At least 6-channel heli radio with 5 servos
Gyro: Three axis
Receiver Battery: At least 1000mAh
Glow Fuel: Heli blend with 15-30% nitro content
Building and field equipment

Fuselage Length: 47.25" (1200mm)
Fuselage Width: 7.87" (200mm)
Height: 15.75" (400mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 52.95" (1345mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.25" (260mm)
Total Fuel Capacity: 16.2oz (480cc)
Fully Equipped Weight: 6.94lbs (3150g)

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