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Thunder Tiger Bandit 3.5 II RTR 2.4 GHz green


Bandit 3.5 II RTR 2.4 GHz green
Semi tunnel canopy with fiberglass hull, powered by a combustion engine of a 3.5 cc of suspension pylon in the RTR set including RC Kit 2.4 Ghz.
Bandit is a semi-scale tunnel glider designed world champion in this category Jorgen Andersson. The ship's hull is laminated and is optimized and designed to be able to reach high speeds while maintaining good controllability and maneuverability. The drive uses a powerful outboard engine PRO-21M containing 3.5 cc water-cooled head. Suspension drive unit allows easy starting with duralumin cone.

Model comes completely assembled with a mounted drive unit and a new two-channel radio system operating in the 2.4 GHz
Fiberglass hull
powerful, water-cooled internal combustion engine 3.5 ccm
Parts rudder and engine mount from aluminum machined CNC technology
RC 2.4 Ghz

Length [mm] 848
Weight [g] 1950

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