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Reichard Models Hornet H-206 4000mm scale glider


Bold in its appearance and performance, the Hornet from Reichard Models is a stunning model glider.

Fibreglass fuselage and leading edge
Two-piece foam/balsa wing
Wing joiner (16 mm) located in the middle of fibreglass spar
Carbon strip and fibreglass support underneath the wing's balsa cover
Wing has stiff characteristics while maintaining light weight
Clear canopy
Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
Tight covering with all seams hand-sealed
Comes with all necessary hardware and retract undercarriage
RC functions for rudder, elevator, ailerons, wing flaps, retractable undercarriage and aero-tow coupling (optional)
This model glider from Reichard Models is a masterful recreation of the Hornet; a glider produced by the German company Glasfulgel in 1974. It is perfect for thermal and aerobatic flying. The Hornet's fuselage and leading edge are both made from fibreglass, with a two-piece foam and balsa wing. This wing is supported by carbon strips and fibreglass under the balsa cover, with the wing joiner (16 mm) is located in the middle of fibreglass spar.

Although it's wing is not fully made of fibreglass, it offers similar stiff characteristics, while maintaining its lightness. Reichard Models have completed this wing with an Oracover coating. This same coating has also been added to the balsa tail parts. Once connected to your transmitter, you will be able to control this model glider's rudder, elevator, ailerons, wing flaps, retractable undercarriage and aero-tow coupling (optional). The Hornet is finished with very tight covering; all its seams are hand-sealed. You will also receive a clear canopy, all the necessary hardware and a retract undercarriage. The quality of this model glider, in both its scale detail and performance, is clear. Make sure you place your order today for the outstanding Hornet from Reichard Models
What you Need

• Elevator - 1x JRNES-539 (JRPS539)
• Aileron - 2x Spektrum A7020 (SPMSA7020)
• Rudder - 1x JR NES-539 (JRPS539)
• Flaps - 2x Spektrum A7020 (SPMSA7020)
• Retractable Undercarriage - 1x Spektrum A6030 (SPMSA6030)

Wingspan (mm)4000Length (mm)1710Weight (g)5500Area (dm)79.2AirfoilHQ 3013-3010BrandReichard Models

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