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Rave Ballistic FSO Kit (Steel Helical Gear Set) ND-YR7-K1005


Rave Ballistic FSO Kit (Steel Helical Gear Set) ND-YR7-K1005

Introducing the New Rave Ballistic FSO. Electric specific high performance 3D and Speed machine. This is the metail tail gear set version. For the plastic tail gear set see ND-YR7-1006.


- Sliding battery Tray
- Helical Main gear K1005 only
- Simply frame design
- Step by step detailed instructions


- Length: 1340mm
- Height: 420mm
- Main Blade Length: 690-710mm
- Main Rotor Diameter: 1,531-1,571mm
- Tail Blade Length: 105-110mm
- Tail Rotor Diameter: 294.5mm

Also includes:

Carbon Fiber Frames
Painted Fiberglass Canopy

Do the FSO and the ENV share parts?
Yes! These helis share a majority of the same parts and will be inter-changeable. That being said, all parts will remain in stock, ENV and Ballistic both.

Will the Ballistic be available for a limited time only?
No! The Ballistic is here to stay!

What are the kit differences?
The K1005 has helical cut main gears and has helical steel tail gears.

The K1006 has the standard plastic gear set, identical to the ENV.

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