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Picco P9 EVO-3 On-Road Engine (OFN51219)



SG (pilot) type crankshaft
Hard chromed 14mm crankshaft
Hard chromed brass lapped liner
Piston CNC machined from billet stock high percentage silicone alloy
Slide valve carburetor with 7mm 8mm and 9mm throat inserts for more flexibility in racing and fueling strategy. The largest diameter gives the most power with the highest fuel consumption. The opposite applies as the diameter gets smaller
Turbo head button allows use of turbo glow plug if desired
Black in color with anodized aluminum blue cylinder head
Timing Changed to Create more top end power
7+2 Ports
Newly Designed Crankcase

One Ofna/Picco .21 P9 Evo-3 On-Road Racing Engine, carb mounting hardware, head button, slide valve carb with 3 throat inserts, instruction manual and sticker sheet

Glow plug
Glow Starter
Car fuel with 20% -25% nitro content and at least 18% lubricant content
Air filter
Exhaust system depending on vehicle

Size .21 cu in (3.4cc)
Bore: 0.64" (16.26mm)
Stroke: 0.67" (16.8mm)
Horsepower: n/a
RPM: 36,000
Crankshaft: SG (pilot)
Piston and Liner Construction: ABC
Weight: 11.6oz (330g)
Exhaust: Rear with rubber sleeve 0.73" (18.5mm)
Carburetor inlet diameter: 0.65" (16.4mm) Needle Settings- Main Needle Valve (fuel mixture): One turn in from flush end of housing, adjust this needle for maximum RPM and power without being too lean or too hot Low Speed Needle (throttle response): Two turns out from flush, adjust after main needle valve is properly set Barrel Stop Screw (idle adjustment): 1/16 gap to start new engine open more for faster idle
Distance between mounting holes same side: 0.87" (22mm)
Distance between mounting holes opposite side: 1.4" (37mm)
Height from bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head: 4.1" (105mm)
Length from back of crankcase to front bearing: 2.5" (64mm)
Length from back of crankcase to end of crankshaft: 3.7" (93mm)
Length from center of crankcase to end of crankshaft: 2.9" (73mm)
Width of mounting tabs: 1.7" (44mm)

Some notes on rotary and slide valve carburetors;
Rotary carbs offer a larger response in the middle of the power band. This works well for off-road applications when throttle response must be varied.
Slide Valve carbs provide greater response at the beginning and end of the power band. This works well for on-road and racing applications for fast take-offs and high speed.
Weight in box: 0.47 kg (1.03 lb)

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