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O.S. Engines Max 28XZ Truggy Engine OSM12830


This is the 2-stroke O.S. Max 28XZ Truggy Engine.

***Because of the expressed racing nature of this engine, ******
*** it is NOT covered by the O.S. 2 Year Warranty ******
*** per page 8 of manual ******

FEATURES: Designed for 1/8 scale truggy applications
Aluminum crankcase, black in color
Three needle 21J slide valve carburetor
8mm red carb insert for smaller tracks that restrict air intake and
9mm blue carb insert for higher RPM applications and larger tracks
Six port piston sleeve ensures high power
Ten fin blue anodized cooling head with inner head button

INCLUDES: O.S. Max 28XZ Truggy Engine with instruction manual, P3 turbo glow
plug, 8mm & 9mm carb inserts, extra copper head shim, exhaust
gasket, dust cap set and instruction manual

REQUIRES: Fuel: 10-30% nitro content (20% for break-in)
Air Filter: MSFG1660
Exhaust system depending on vehicle, see COMMENTS
Track equipment

SPECS: Displacement: 0.284 cu in (4.65cc)
Output: 3.31ps/32,000 RPM
Bore: 0.728" (18.5mm)
Stroke: 0.681 cu in (17.3mm)
Practical RPM Range: 4,000-38,000 RPM
Weight: 13.2oz (375g)
Distance between Mounting Holes Same Side: 0.83" (21mm)
Distance between Mounting Holes Opposite Side: 1.4" (37mm)
Length from Backplate to Drive Washer: 2.9" (73.3mm)
Width of Mounting Flanges: 1.8" (45mm)
Width of Crankcase Below Mounting Flanges: 1.2" (31.6mm)
Distance from Crankcase Center to Drive Washer: 1.7" (43.9mm)
Height/bottom of Mounting Flanges/top of Cylinder Head: 3.8" (95.9mm)
Height/bottom of Crankcase/top of Cylinder Head: 4.4" (111.9mm)

COMMENTS: The O.S. Max T-2060 WN Speed Tuned Pipe OSMG2939, OSMG2938
is an ideal exhaust system for the 28 XZ.
Flywheel sets are required (OSMG2648 for Mugen, OSMG2649 for Kyosho,
both sold separately) for certain truggy models.

Some notes on rotary and slide valve carburetors;
Rotary carbs offer a larger response in the middle of the power
band. This works well for off-road applications when throttle
response must be varied.
Slide Valve carbs provide greater response at the beginning and end
of the power band. This works well for on-road and racing
applications for fast take-offs and high speed.

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