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Mikrokopter Quadro XL w/Navi

Starting at: $750.00

Quadro XL Kit With Navi boards

This gives you full GPS Functionality and a Great low price.

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Explanation Of ARF's and Options

ARF= Almost Ready to Fly
The Navigation Bundle.
This is for the purchase of the New 2.x Navi boards with a Kit. Usually a better price when Bundled with a kit. Navi-Ctrl V2.0 ) andMK GPS V2.1
This gives your MK, GPS Hold, Come Home, Way-points, Carefree mode, and more.

The Navi-Ctrl v2.0 license is for commercial use and allows the use of GPS way points out to 500 meter radius or more. This also gives you more navi features in the future, with new releases of firmware. Longer come home times and emergancy landing times.
If you plan on using your MK for commercial purposes you need this license.

The Standard ARF
We will solder and test your Power Dist and BL's
Solder and test the Flight Controller. and if the Navi options are purchased we will set up your Navi and GPS boards.
Update firmware to latest Stable Rev's.
Set the Mixer settings to the appropriate model.
Solder the MKusb and test.
Solder the Lipo Connection Cable to the Power Dist Ring. Configure the Flight Controller for a Spektrum Receiver or for the Graupner Hott
Add anti prop-wash device to Altitude sensor
ARF's can take about a week to ship.
Graupner MX-20 Hott Setup and Configuration for MK's

This includes a memroy card and complete programing and setup as Ziggy flies this radio. Including Latest apropriate firmware updates of reciever and radio and adding the English voice files.
This also includes soldering the connectors to the Flight controller for the GR-24 Reciever that comes with the radio and full testing.

Dual Lipo Option

This option replaces the Kit Flat Lipo with a Dual Lipo option, This includes the parallel connector and two of the selected Lipos
This is the recomended setup for XL kits. It gives you much more run time and twice the available current, reducing stress on the lipo and less chance of
voltage starvation. Ziggy always recomends Thunder Power Lipos, Yes they cost more ,but they will survive many many more cycles than any lipo on the market.

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Hott Setup and configuration

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Dual Lipo Upgrade

Standard ARF

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