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Mikrokopter Hexa XL Basic Kit

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This is the Big boy. Easily lift your DSLR!

Please read the explaination of the options for this kit, here.

This is a kit to build a MK Hexa XL (with BL-Ctrl V2.0).
As a control board is a FlightCtrl ME in the set.

Powerful engine - combination: 6600mAh LiPo (4s), 12"-EPPCF propellers and MK3538 Motor
With this set, much more payload can be transported. (like DSLR Canon 5D MarkII)

Besides the standard components, the necessary parts such as cables, shrink tubing, etc. are also included. The BL-Ctrl2.0 are already assembled in the Hexa power distributon board.

Thus, the building is almost 'out of the box' possible.
IMPORTANT: No receiver is included. Please order desired receiver separately!
Delivered products may differ from the picture - note the delivery!
The photo below shows the MK-Hexa XL fully assembled (camera and camera mount not included)

Box / Kit Contents

1x preassembled FlightCtrl ME V2.1
Altitude Sensor
6x preassembled BL-Ctrl V2.0 assembled in Hexa power distribution board
1x Hexa Frame Set XL with anodized (coloured) riggers 1x (red, black 5x)
5x HiLander-26
1x Transparent cap (can be painted from the inside)
1x Lipo 6600/4s (FLAT version)
2nd Recom for servo supply included
6x pairs EPP1345CF Props
6x MK3638 - black Brushless Motors
1x connection cable for receiver
1x extensive set of cables
1x LiPo Holder set
Heat shrink tubing for other solder joints
3 pcs Flex LED Tape for lighting
What is missing?

IMPORTANT: No receiver is included.
Lipo Charger
Please note the terms of the software with respect to commercial use
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