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JR Airskipper E8 Pro Combo


Overall length : 1,239mm
Overall width : 182mm
Overall height : 400mm
Gross weight : 3,600g or more (excluding main rotor blades but with battery)
Main rotor diameter : 1,361mm (with L600)
Tail rotor diameter : 262mm
Gear Ratio : 9:1:4.7
Items included
With OEM motor from Scorpion NHM-4025-740KV)
Servo Horn (Big Horn×3・Super Horn×1)
Additional items required
5channel 4servos or greater radio with 120 or 140 CCPM program
Gyro System (capable to use electric config.)
Main Rotor Blades
* Do not use Wooden Main Rotor blades.
Grip thickness 12mm,Bolt hole 4mm,Length 600-620mm
Connector kit
Battery charger kit (Please select a charger compatible with your chosen batteries.)
Speed Controller (ESC):
LiPo 8 Cell 80A or greater (Preferably with slow start)
8 Cell Li-Po Battery
* 4 Cell 14.8V 4,000-5,000mAh (Dischargeable over 20C)×2
Size (Max):60mm×75mm×160mm
Tools Required For Assembly
Phillips Screwdriver (#0, #1, #2)
Box wrench scoket (4mm/5.5mm/7mm)
Drills (4mm)
Needle-nose pliers
Scissors/Hobby knife
Scale (20cm or Longer)
Sandpaper (#300-400)
Quick Drying Glue
Epoxy Resin (more than 30 minutes to become hardened)
Oil touch pen [No.61296]
JR Thrust bearing Grease [No.61005]
JR Universal Precision Pitch Gauge [No.60326]
Diluted Soap Water and Spray (Upon appying decal)
Soldering Kit
Other general tools for assembling the model
Useful Tools
JR Universal Ball Link Driver [No.61360]
JR Universal Ball Link Trimmer [No.60219]
JR Universal Ball Link Pliers C (Straight Tip) [No.60242]
Rotor blade balancer

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