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Graupner WP STARLET 1800 9917


The original STARLET was offered by the Stolp company in the USA as a construction kit in the experimental class for amateur aircraft builders. The one-seater aircraft with its parasol design was assembled using composite construction techniques. As propulsion unit, it was possible to install anything from a VW car engine to a 60-hp Continental. The docile flying characteristics make the STARLET 1800 ideal as a starting point in the area of aileron-controlled motorised models. Both internal combustion and electric motors can be used for propulsion. Simple aerobatics are possible with types of propulsion system. However, the docile flight behavior means that very slow overflights can also be done. To change the drive battery in the electric version, a large opening has been provided in the fuselage in the area of the cockpit. The two detachable wings and the two halves of the tailplane can be removed for transport.

Almost ready to fly (ARTF) model
Complete balsa/plywood design
Ideal for switching to aileron-controlled models
Fuselage, wings, and tailplane pre-covered with multicolored foil
Wheels, small parts, and accessories for rudder linkage
Parts included for electric installation
Protective pouches included for wing halves, tailplane halves, and vertical stabilisers

ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly)
Wing halves and tailplane halves can be removed for transport
Suitable for simple aerobatics

Wingspan approx. 1800 mm
Overall length, approx. 1190 mm
All-up weight, approx. 3600 g
Total surface area, approx. 53,7 dm²
Tailplane area 9,4 dm²
Wing area 44,3 dm²

RC functions

Rudder linked to tailwheel
Rpm control

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