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Graupner WP SEAFURY 1800 mm 9354


Replica of a SEA FURY painted for the RENO AIR RACE. To keep the landing speed as low as possible, two-part spreadable landing flaps have been built into the underside of the wing. To isolate the cell from the landing impacts, a shock-absorbing retractable undercarriage can be installed that is included in the package. For the cockpit, a pilot figure and neck brace are included in the package.

Almost-ready-to-fly (ARTF) model
Conventional wood construction
Fuselage, wings, and tailplane pre-covered with foil
Pilot figure, spinner, small parts, accessories for rudder linkage
Mechanical retractable landing gear
Separable airfoil can be removed for transport
Almost-ready-to-fly (ARTF) model
Mechanical retractable landing gear included

The original

Replica of an English fighter plane
Set London-to-Rome speed record in 1949
Warbird rebuilt for the Reno Air Race
The motor has an output of about 2500 hp
The SEA FURY is used at the Reno Air Race in the unlimited class

Wingspan approx. 1800 mm
Overall length, approx. 1600 mm
All-up weight, approx. 6200 g
Total surface area, approx. 66,6 dm²

RC functions

Landing flaps
Engine throttle
Retractable landing gear

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