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Graupner WP PUNISHER CRAWLER4WDS RTR, scale 1:10


Rock crawling is an extreme form of off-road sport with specially modified vehicles. The extraordinarily high ground clearance and extreme axle lift let you conquer nearly any terrain.
The PUNISHER is the powerful small version of this vehicle. With all-wheel drive and two RC390 motors, plus the new all-wheel steering and 4 different steering modes, it can be moved with extreme precision and easily overcome obstacles.
The PUNISHER crawler comes standard with a new GM-Racing 3-channel crawler FM remote control with four steering modes that can be switched at the transmitter and is 99% preassembled. All you need to get started are the appropriated batteries for the remote control and a matching charger. The drive battery pack is included.

Preassembled 4WDS chassis with all-wheel drive via two RC390 motors
All-wheel drive with 4 steering modes, switchable at the transmitter
Rigid axles for the best driving performance
GM-Racing 27-MHz RC system with steering servos and receiver installed and connected
Steering linkage is pre-adjusted
Powerful RC390 motors on the front and rear axles along with the matching speed controllers
4 high-quality oil-filled shock absorbers
Sturdy aluminium chassis and chassis braches, red anodised
Painted body with decals applied
Additional features

Fully equipped with high-quality ballraces
High-Grip crawler tyres with aluminium bead lock rings
Rigid axle front and rear
Adjustable ground clearance
Powerful 6-kg steering servos on front and rear axles

4WDS steering

The Punisher Crawler 4WDS has a unique and patented all-wheel steering system. As shown in the graphic below, the axles can be controlled variably from the remote control unit via 2 servos. This provides maximum manoeuvrability.

Mode 1: Steering f+r parallel
Mode 2: Steering rear
Mode 3: Steering front
Mode 4: All-wheel steering

Scale 1:10
Overall length, approx. 450 mm
Width 268 mm
Height, approx. 148 mm
Wheelbase approx. 320 mm
Wheel diameter 130 mm
Reduction gear unit 1:38,6
Electric motor RC 390

RC functions

All-wheel drive, 4 modes

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