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Graupner PARAT 2095


The PARAT harbour tug was built in 1983 by the Detlef Hegemann Roland dockyard, and delivered in the same year to the Hamburg-based Luetgens & Reimers shipping company. The ship is equipped with 2 VOITH-SCHNEIDER propellers, powered by 2 x 6-cylinder e 4T K.H. Deutz diesel engines each rated at 2460 BHP, giving the vessel a tensile power of 32.2 tonnes. The tug also features a comprehensive fire-fighting system for use in the lower Elbe region. Our model of the PARAT has been developed with the help and support of the D. Hegemann Roland dockyard, who kindly supplied actual design office drawings. As with the full-size vessel the model is powered by 2 VOITH-SCHNEIDER
propellers, although it is possible to replace the VOITH-SCHNEIDER units with two Schottel I drive units at the builder´s discretion. The pair of VOITH-SCHNEIDER drive systems makes the tug extremely agile, as it is capable of manoeuvring in any direction. Installing an optional -tug- sound module allows the realistic reproduction of characteristic operating sounds such as diesel engines, foghorn, horn and winch noise. Additional working systems can also be installed, including rotating fire monitors, and extending the upper fire monitor to a height of 30 cm. Parts which are difficult to make, such as the hull, deck, bulwark, superstructure and bridge, are supplied highly pre-fabricated. The kit includes injection-moulded parts which ease assembly and shorten the building time, and the fittings set includes a further range of useful components. The boat is not intended for the beginner, as construction demands a certain level of technical expertise and manual skill.

Pack contents
Quick-build plans and building instructions in German, English and French. Vacuum-moulded and CNC machined hull, deck, bulwark, super-structure, bridge and other parts moulded in ABS. Printed and die-cut wooden parts for internal fittings, strip material, wire and rod, tubing; decal sheet.

Délka [mm] 885
Výška [mm] 670
Hmotnost [g] 4500

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