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Trainer model of Graupner SOLIDPOR® high-density foam components
COMPACT 345 motor set with BRUSHLESS CONTROL 35 A installed
5 C231 servos pre-installed
Complete SOLIDPOR® float set included
Complete package, including LiPo battery and GR-12 HoTT receiver
One-piece wing with bonded CFRP spar
No painting required
Decal elements already affixed
After assembly of tailplane, landing gear components, and propeller, the model is ready to fly

Ready for HoTTready-to-fly model >Made in Germany<
Powerful look with Boxer motor cowl
Wing comes standard with CRP strut and ailerons
Prepared standard for aero-tow
Outstandingly docile flying characteristics with two LiPo cells
Tail-dragger undercarriage and tailwheel unit can be easily swapped for float set and water rudder

Wingspan approx. 1200 mm
Overall length, approx. 950 mm
All-up weight, approx. 1000 g
Total surface area, approx. 26,3 dm²
Tailplane area 5,2 dm²
Wing area 21,1 dm²
Tailplane section NACA 009
Wing section HQ 3,0/12
Wing loading 38 g/dm²

RC functions

Rudder / tailwheel / water rudder
Aero-tow coupling
Engine rpms

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