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FG-67050R Leopard 4 Sportsline, RTR, clear body


Ready for the ultimate Off-Road fun? Four-wheel drive combined with well-tried competition technology in an affordable beginner model. With the Sportsline Leopard 4 you purchase a premium RTR Racing Buggy manufactured of top-quality materials with the potential to win races - completely assembled and ready for racing. Built on a 4mm aluminium chassis, closed belt drive, 2 differential gears, double wishbones at front and rear axle with many adjusting possibilities as well as large-volume oil-pressure shock absorbers for traction and optimal ground contact. The lateral splash-guard and the almost closed bodyshell prevent engine, servos a.s.o. from dirt. The model is equipped with a powerful 26ccm combustion engine with tuning pipe and ready oiled air-filter. The engine runs with normal 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture (available at every petrol station). The tank filling of 0,7 litres enables you to run your model around 45 minutes. With the installed pull-start system the engine can be started without any difficulties. The RTR version is delivered with assembled and preset 2.4 GHz radio control system, charger and rechargeable batteries, either with painted or clear bodyshell. To complete the non-RTR version with clear bodyshell all popular servos and radio control systems are suitable.

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