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FG-10000 F 1 Sportsline 2WD, clear body


One of the most beautiful and interesting models in the FG range is undoubtedly the Formula 1 model. Technical exciting with double delta wishbones, pushrods, horizontal shock absorbers and a lot more technical details. The model is equipped with a 26ccm engine and reaches a final speed of almost 100 kilometres per hour. Under Item N°. 10000 we deliver the Formula 1 Sportsline model completely mounted with clear bodyshell for your own design, but without radio control system. A decal set for additional decoration is included in the delivery. Technical description of the Formula 1 Sportsline chassis: The undercarriage of the FG Formula 1 is built on a high-strength 5mm alloy chassis. All chassis borings (screws) are countersunk. The front and rear axle with their various adjusting possibilities as king pin angle, trailing effect etc. consist of double delta wishbones. The double delta wishbones of the rear axle are supported by additional track rods which enable you a very fast set-up. All adjustments can be made without a dismounting of parts according to the fixed wishbone threaded rods with right-/left-handed thread. The model is equipped with 4 alloy oil-pressure shock absorbers. The push-rod suspension ensures the transmission between single wheel suspension and shock absorber. The front wheels are equipped with a disk brake. We deliver this model with a powerful 26ccm combustion engine with muffler and ready-for-use oiled air filter. The engine runs with a 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture (available at every petrol station). A tank filling enables you to run your model around 45 minutes. Through the installed pull-start system the engine can be started without any problems. The engine's power is transmitted over a four-block Teflon clutch on a belt drive. This belt drive is also designed for a higher driving power. The BBS wheels and the tires are copies of the original models. All rotating parts are supported by ball bearings.

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