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ESM Spitfire MK XIV-XIX Color F 72.5" Wingspan Model ARF


Wing Span: 72.5"
Length: 64"
Wing area: 6.57 sq. ft.
Wing Loading: 33oz/sq. ft.
Flying Weight: 13lbs. *Weight Information
Radio: 6ch & 8 servos
Gas Engine: 26cc - 36cc. We highly recommend the PTE-36.
Glow Engine: 1.08 2 cycle or 1.20 4 cycle
Prop Recommendations: : Biela 16x8 or 17.3x8 4 blade
Servo Recommendations: : 100 oz-sq-in minimum - HD-1501, Hitec 645MG, Hitec 5645MG, DS-8309TG
Construction: Fiberglass fuse and balsa built-up wing. Functional flaps.

Wing Covering Material: Covering, painted, decals applied and clear coated. The aircraft has a beautiful flat, non-glossy finish. This is superior to glossy covering materials. It is scratch, tear and wrinkle resistant. The covering material is a brand name covering which has a special paint adherant layer. The covering goes on clear, and is then primed and painted, then clear coated.

All ESM planes are painted with a very high quality enamel paint which is resistant to oil, grease, and fuels. The high gloss paints are of course easier to clean than the low gloss. These paints can be painted over for weathering and the like.

Comes with conventional gear and wheels in the kit. However you can buy the optional custom retracts made for the Spitfire. Retractable landing gear set with oleo struts, alloy wheels. The retracts are generation 5 Air up/air down retracts, and incorporate all of the latest design improvements.

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