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EG Aircraft Sbach 342 120cc Model Plane, ARF (Scheme A) EGSBACH342.120.A



Carbon reinforced fuselage and wings.
Air foiled Carbon Fiber Landing Gear
Carbon Fiber Wing and Stab Tubes
Carbon Fiber Tail Wheel Assembly
Extra strength Carbon Fiber control Horns
4" (102mm) Carbon Fiber Spinner
Servo Lead Safety Clips
High Density Rubber Wheels
Adjustable pushrods for easy fine tuning
Pre-hinged Control Surfaces
Pre-assembled and mounted Gas Tank
Extra covering provided for small repairs
Installed Servo Wire Guide Tube
Covered in Genuine Ultracote / Oracover
Complete and Detailed Instructions on CD
Fit new DA120 and 3W110 Engines with more stronger design for fuselage and wings
Flat nylon hinges for better flying strength
Honeycomb Board carton packing for safer transportation
Larger C.F wing tube Diameter.two pcs C.F tube for stab
Larger aileron and rudder design. Up to 60 degrees of throw on all control surfaces for excellent 3D aerobatic flying.
Full length Tuned pipe design in fuselage
All high performance cap head screws
With its striking trim scheme, the Sbach 342 from EG Aircraft is an attention-grabbing model plane. Beyond the appearance, EG Aircraft have excelled in adding carbon fibre components on this giant scale RC plane, to give you the strength you need to perform amazing 3D aerobatics. Coming with pre-hinged control surfaces and a pre-assembled and mounted gas tank, the Sbach 342 model plane is a well-built plane. Because it is an ARF, there are several components you will require to complete the model. Please refer to the “You Will Need” section for more information. This is a bold model plane from EG Aircraft that has to be experienced to be believed. Order yours now.
What you Need

100-120cc gas engine (DA100)
4+ channel radio (SPM88001AU)
8 servos with 180-330oz (11-20kg/cm) (JRPS8921HV)
Receiver (SPMAR12200)
2 LiPo batteries (TPB3800-2SPPRX)
5 1200mm servo extension leads (DSSE-1200)
2 MPX to EC3 battery adapters (SPM6828)
2 450mm servo extension leads (DSSE-450)
6 servo horn As (JRPAHALUMA)
1 servo horn Bs (JRPAHALUMB)

Scale 37% Wing Span 109" 2770mm Length Including spinner 102 inches 2590mm Wing Area 2108 sq. in. Flying Weight 26.5 to 28 lbs 12-12.7kg Spinner 4”(102mm) Engine 100cc - 120cc Gas Radio 4+ Channels Servos 8 to 9 servos required 180 oz to 330 oz 11-20kg / cm BrandEG Aircraft

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