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CineStar CS2 Dual Axis Camera Gimbal from FreeFly Systems


CineStar CS2 Dual Axis Camera Gimbal from FreeFly

Cinestar CS2 Dual Axis for larger cameras up to the Canon 5D or Red Epic

The CS2 from FreeFly systems is a well proven gimbal and can produce totally professional results even with larger cameras. The gimbal comes already assembled with servos pre installed.

The dual axis version (tilt and roll) can easily be upgraded to a 3 axis system using the 3 axis upgrade kit, and can be used with the CineStar landing legs to allow full 360 degree rotation of the camera without getting landing gear in the shot.

Specifications of the Cinestar 2 axis Camera Gimbal

Max. Width of the camera: 160mm
Max. Height of the camera: 130mm
Two Savox 1258TG Servos with external potentiometer for extremely high resolution on nick and roll axis.
Weight (with 2x Servo): 765 grams
Camera mount (assembled) incl 2x servo for Tilt & Roll

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