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Baudis Chicco Discus Launch Glider, ARF (Full Carbon)



A brilliantly-designed model glider, this full-carbon Baudis Chicco balances rigidity with low weight.

Full-carbon version
Made from high quality composite materials
Great strength while maintaining weight
Fuselage made from vacuum technology
Nine ribs in the fuselage
Tail surfaces milled from single piece of Rohacell and controlled by carbon rods
The Baudis Chicco is a high quality discus launch glider, designed for competitive flying. Engineered by Petr Hulik in conjunction with Baudis Model, the Chicco is constructed from the composite materials to achieve great strength while maintaining weight. In this full-carbon version of the Chicco DLG, you will find RDS pockets installed on the wing. The fuselage is made from vacuum technology; allowing for the use of nine ribs in the fuselage and a tail control surface controlled by carbon rods. This gives the model more accurate control in the air. The tail surfaces in the Chicco discus launch glider are milled from a single piece of Rohacell, again ensuring great rigidity while minimising weight. This RC glider is a great investment; honouring the excellent design that Baudis is renowned for. Order yours now.
What you Need

- Radio. We recommend the Spektrum DX8 (SPM88001AU)
- Servo. We recommend the JR ES375 (JRPSES375)
- Receiver. We recommend the JR RG411BL (JRPRG411BL)

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