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Associated 121VRST .21 Buggy Engine ASC801


The current 121VR engine has proven to be an economically priced, powerful race engine. The 121VR-ST (Special Tuned) takes performance to an entirely new level with the addition of a balanced ADLC-coated crankshaft, ceramic rear bearing, lightweight piston, and ADLC coated wrist pin. An ultra-lightweight heatsink head with "diamond cut" fins improves cooling while lowering the center of gravity.

Available in December, the 121VR-ST is a race-proven engine that is capable of producing world-class power and fuel economy with a driver-friendly linear power band.


* 3+1 Port Chrome Plated Cylinder
* High Silicon CNC-Machined Lightweight Piston
* Knife-Edged 7075 Aluminum Connecting Rod
* ADLC-Coated Wrist Pin
* Chrome-Plated Back Plate with Turbo Scoop
* Ultra-Lightweight Machined Aluminum Heatsink Head
* Thermo-Insulated, Screw-Mounted 2-Needle Carburetor
* Balanced Turbo Scoop Crankshaft with ADLC Coating and Silicone Insert
* Precision Steel Front Ball Bearing
* Precision Ceramic Rear Ball Bearing
* Oversized Finned Turbo Head Button
* 7.0mm, 8.0mm, and 9.0mm Venturi Inserts

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