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Art Tech 500Class 1300mm P-51D Mustang RC Airplane wirh Retractable Landing Gear


Art Tech 500Class P-51D Mustang RC Airplane Description:

Art-tech latest P-51 Mustang is a 500 class highly detailed flying model, with a useable 4 bladed scale propeller. This model features a full working electronic retract system, including flap, ailerons and navigational LEDs mounted in the wings. It offers the characteristics of crash resistance, unique scale appearance and first-class flight performance

Art Tech 500Class P-51D Mustang RC Airplane Features:
This model is not only with high precise scale appearance, but also with a high-scale pilot, inner seat, instrument panel, as well as joy stick and sighting device, which make this model high scale and super detail.
High-scale gliding canopy maximize the P-51D show of real machine effect.
With retractable landing gear, it assures the model look more scale during the flight.
The retractable landing gear with a damping effect, which is helpful to land the model more smoothly and safely.
The flashlight system in the main wing makes this model much more attractive during night flight.
With a powerful out runner brushless motor, it can finish classic 3D aerobatics easily.
This model with scale down flap system makes this plane land at very low speed with more graceful gesture.
The equipment cabin with removable structure fixed by magnetic, it is convenient for disassembly and maintenance for the battery, ESC and receiver.
Optimal level of size, easy transportation and affordable.

Art Tech 500Class P-51D Mustang RC Airplane Specifications:

Ground static thrust:1500g/52.9 oz
Weight:1300g/45.9 oz
R/C System:EFLY-6B2 2.4G
ESC:40A brushless
Battery:14.8V,2400mAh/4S Li-Po

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