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AquaCraft Rescue 17 Electric Fireboat with Water Cannon 2.4GHz RTR AQUB5700


This is AquaCraft’s new Rescue 17 Electric Fireboat RTR with a Water Cannon and Tactic TTX490 4-channel 2.4GHz Transmitter. AquaCraft’s newest boat is an RTR that comes with a working water cannon that can shoot water up to 10 feet, a pre-installed 17 piece LED lighting system, and it even includes a 2.4GHz Tactic radio system.

Painted, joined fiberglass hull, deck and cabin
Ladders and staircases
Radar and radio masts
600-size motor
17-piece LED lighting system
Servos and drive system
Water cannon rotates 120 degrees — and shoots a stream of water up to 10 feet.
Bright, 17-piece LED lighting system runs on power from main battery — no additional pack required
Wire rope deck railing
Water cannon with powerful, high-capacity pump
Water valves, windows, searchlights and more
2S, LiPo-ready ESC
TR324 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT receiver

The Rescue 17 is the only large-scale fireboat RTR available — and it can easily be ready for launch in mere minutes after it leaves the box. The Rescue 17 is also the only fireboat that offers so many “realizing” details: a rotating, functioning water cannon, lights on-deck and in the cabin, wire rope railings and more. Owners will have plenty of time to enjoy them, too, because every real-life detail and all the good looks are already built-in. Add batteries and a charger, and it’s ready for duty and instant admiration.
Length: 38 in (965 mm)

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