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AGM-30/30cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine


AGM-30/30cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine 3.7HP/8500rpm with CDI Ignition
Newest 30cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
AGM 30cc RC petrol engine is a 2-cycle piston valve type gasoline engine for airplane only. The slim look rear carb makes the item more portable, genuine Walbro carburetor and Rcexl ignition are helpful for improving AGM-30 to get to a better performance.

Come with 3.7HP/8500rpm, all AGM petrol engines are manufactured with CM6 style spark plug, pitts muffler and ignition system. Order one to enjoy your flying now!


Rear carb makes for a slim look and keeps the engine small

AGM-30/30cc gasoline engine

Genuine Walbro Carburettor (not a copy)

AGM petrol engine Walbro carburetor

3.7HP/8500rpm, 2 cycle air-cooled petrol engine

AGM-30/30cc gasoline engine overview

Item dimensions

AGM-30cc gasoline engine dimensions

Special package comes with AGM 30cc petrol engine, auto timing Igintion, muffler and standoffs & bolts

AGM-30 gasoline engine
Horsepower 3.7HP/8500rpm
Idle speed 1600rpm/min
Static Thrust
at 100 meters altitude
at 1800 meters altitude
8.5kg Pulling Force
7.5kg Pulling Force
Benchmark Prop 18x8
Acceptable Props 18x8, 18x10, 19x8, 20x6 2-blade, 16x10 3-blade, 16x8 4-blade Mustang
Displacement 30cc
Bore and Stroke 36mm×30mm
Compression Ratio 7.6:1
Weight Engine - 32.09oz Exhaust - 2.12oz Ignition - 4.3oz
Fuel 2C Regular Gas mixed 30:1
Ignition 4.8 – 8.4v
Replacement Sparkplug CM6 or equivalent | Gap 0.018" to 0.020"
Installation Torque 7 to 8 ft-lbs
Center Hole 10mm
Diameter Stroke 30.5mm × 30mm

In The Box
1 x AGM-30/30cc small petrol engine
1 x Auto advancing ignition system
1 x Muffler, gasket & bolts, aluminum standoffs & bolts
1 x 30cc RC petrol engine English manual

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