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3W-342iB2F TS


The strong crankshaft, ball bearings and needle bearings insure a long life time. This engine was developed having in mind mainly to be used in the industry. The rear out put shaft is a standard feature and allows to fit alternators, electric starters and starter / alternator units. The manually operated compression release valves are standard as well and allows an easy starting of the engine. The ½” square end of the propeller disc supports the use of an external electric starter.

TS –Version ( Twin Spark , 2 spark plugs per cylinder ) convinces with a low idle and softer running characteristic. All boxer engines with this set up have a better reliability. In case 1 ignition will fail the 2nd. ignition - which operates autonomously – allows the engine to run further with reduced RPM ( 200 – 300).

The micro processor controlled igniton allows to easy start the engine. The programmed timing curve is laid out for the engines and guarantees a good running characteristic in all RPM – ranges. An out put signal to monitor RPM is standard as well as a LED showing the status of the ignition. The voltage range of the standard ignition : 6V – 8,4V ( 2 cell LIPO battery ).
Techn. specifications
Power Rating 0.00 KW
Speed range 1200 - 6500 rpm
Oil / Gasoline Ratio 1 : 50 / 2% Mix
IIS - Ignition 6 - 8,4 V
Propeller 2-bladed 36 x 16; 38 x 14; 40 x 12
Propeller 3-bladed 36 x 12; 36 x 14

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