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148143R Sportsline 2WD-530 BMW 320si WTCC,RTR,painted


Our Sportsline 08 offers quality to a sensible price for beginners. For rookies and all those who simply just want to have fun and drive a Touring car model with Siemens sponsoring decals. The Sportsline series is ideal for car modellers whose main focus is the combination of chassis and bodyshell.

As we don’t know where and how you want to operate your model car we offer you some suggestive Tuning kits to a special price. So you have your own choice of price and equipment. To receive the special price of the Tuning kit it’s necessary to order it together with your chassis (see accessories).

We deliver this BMW 320si model as RTR version completely mounted ready to drive with painted bodyshell including pistol grip radio control system, servos, batteries and charger. A decal set with headlights, backlights, writings is enclosed.

Further Tuning accessories you will find on the accessory pages.

Technical description of the BMW 320si WTCC/ RTR, Sportsline 08-530:

The models are built on a 4mm alloy chassis with double wishbones at front and rear axle and a wheelbase of 530mm. All borings of the alloy chassis to fix the chassis components are countersunk. The models are equipped with a front disk brake for an optimal brake power. At front and rear axle you have the possibility to adjust king pin angle, castor and toe-in through track rods or respectively adjusting screws with right-/left-handed thread. Further equipment points are: differential gear, smooth-running FG ball drive, alloy brake caliper with large brake disk, oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial tension of the spring. All rotating drive components such as shafts, axles, clutch bell a.s.o. are ball-beared. The body is painted and stickers are applied. The tires are glued on the rims.

The models are driven by a 23ccm combustion engine with a power-increasing Tuning pipe. The engine runs with a 2-stroke petrol-oil mixture. Through the installed pull-start system the engine can be started without any problems. A tank filling enables you to run your model around 45 minutes.

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